Fun Sized Fitness with Michelle

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Fun Sized Fitness with Michelle

My name is Michelle Antonucci Smith and I am the Creator of Fun Sized Fitness with Michelle.

I lead 30 day Fitness Challenges on Facebook Live. My goal is to help people challenge themselves to try new fitness activities and get out of their comfort zone.  I want to teach people that exercise can be FUN! Especially when you have a community of people that join in live every morning.  You can catch me live by following my Fan page:


The Vision: To help people to create an exercise habit in a fun way and build a sense of community among the members.

You can join our group by following this link:

Here is a Facebook Live interview done on a show Called Pizza Time with Gregg:

Email Address:

30 Day Plank Challenge:

Back in September, I decided to try a 30 day Plank Challenge. I started off strong, but only lasted about 5-7 days before I quit.  Once I joined Periscope I decided that I was going to scope the plank challenge to help hold myself accountable to complete it. Well, I found other fitness freaks like me and together we planked for 5 minutes! 

I decided to continue scoping 30 day fitness challenges and it has been so much fun!
30 Day Squat Challenge:

After completing the Plank Challenge, we moved on to the Squat Challenge. By Day 30 we did 200 Squats!  We also decided that on day 30 of each challenge I would finish the scope with a Zumba routine. Check out Day 30 of our Squat Challenge!
30 Day Push Up Challenge:
We are currently doing the 30 day push up challenge. Stay tuned for Day 30 video...

30 Day Sit Up Challenge: The Sit Up Challenge will begin on November 30, 2015. Finale was completed on 12/28/15.

Burpee Challenge begins on Monday, 1/4/16. 
Completed on 3/11/16
The arm challenge finale was done on 5/6/16..
Butt challenge began on 5/9/16 and ended on 6/17/16.
30 Day Beach Ready Body Challenge. Ended on 8/4/16
Little Black Dress challenge. Started on 8/29/16. Completed on 9/30/16.
Arm Challenge begins on 10/3/16. Completed on 11/4/16
Sexy Leg Challenge. Completed on 12/16/16.
30 Days of Change January 2017

30 Day Abs. February / March 2017 

Thigh Challenge. March / April 2017

Back and Shoulder Challenge. April / May 2017

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