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As many of you know, I am a Group Fitness Instructor and lead 30 day fitness challenges on Facebook Live.  I have mentioned in my broadcasts that I am also a Health and Wellness Coach.  I have been a Network Marketer in a Health and Wellness Company for over 5 years.  I love that I have the FREEDOM to be a Fitness Instructor AND be the CEO of my own business!


When I first started the business, I was told that Network Marketing is not selling, it's sharing. Just do more of that and you will be successful. I knew there was more to it and found a 5-step strategy for achieving financial growth and WIN in network marketing.  It has been a game changer for me! Zumba Instructor by day.  Entrepreneur by night.  That's me!


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I have had the opportunity to learn about the incredible Nicole "Scoprah" Walters through Periscope. I have taken her 1 k 1 day Program and found it to be an incredible program.  Nicole has created a company called Monetize Thyself.  It is a transformative lifestyle brand, offering online training courses, consulting, mentorship, networking and a full suite of resources to help everyday people, brands and leaders realize their full potential.
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